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How were you able to travel full-time and buy land in Hawai'i? Three possible responses

Before we were the Holy Women Icons Project, we were a family who quit our comfortable life in order to do something more adventurous and fulfilling. In June 2015, we quit our jobs, sold our historic home, and hit the road in a 140 sq. ft. camper. In February 2017, we moved into a “tiny house” on an acre of land on Hawai’i island just a few blocks from the ocean. When people find out what we’ve been up to, they often wonder how we did it. There are three possible responses to this question, each with varying degrees of accuracy.

Rainbow Family Searches for a Literary Agent

Since nearly two years of full-time travel led us to turn the Holy Women Icons Project into a non-profit and retreat center on Hawai'i Island, we think it's important to share the story of how it came to be! So, our Executive Director, Angela, is writing a book about it! 

Painting Our Lady of Sorrows

The month of May finds those within the Christian tradition solidly within Easter season, reveling in the promise of resurrection, while simultaneously celebrating Mother’s Day. To be honest, I’d never seen much of a correlation between these two events in the past. But since my brother’s death in March, I’m viewing everything through the lens of grief, likely a new perspective that will color the way I see the world forever.