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Online Retreats

Online Retreats

There’s no doubt that going to a retreat in a beautiful location can offer respite, inspiration, and empowerment. But not everyone has the time or money for such retreats. Since the Holy Women Icons Project believes that everyone should have access to respite, inspiration, and empowerment, we’ve created a variety of online retreats accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Drawing from the lives, legends, and legacies of revolutionary holy women, these retreats cover a range of topics and time frames. All can be accessed directly from your computer or mobile device!

Retreatants receive a 20 minute daily online retreat for the allotted days. Each day includes an image of an icon depicting the woman featured, a brief essay describing her life, questions for contemplation, a guided writing exercise, inspirational quote, ritual exercise, and an action step. The only supplies retreatants need are an internet connection, paper, and pen (though you can use markers or colored pencils if you wish). While 20 minutes is the intended amount of time, some exercises provide opportunities to linger longer if you choose.

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7-Day Self-Care Retreat

This online Self-Care Retreat is the opportunity for activists and caregivers to care for themselves for a change. To pause. Relish. Learn. Grow. Care. Because you deserve to be cared for. In this 7-Day Self-Care Retreat, Lilith teaches us to care enough to leave; Pauli Murray teaches us to care enough to hope; Isadora Duncan teaches us to care for our body; Frida Kahlo teaches us to care for our reality; Virginia Woolf teaches us to care for our space; Anna Julia Cooper teaches us to care for our voice; and Sojourner Truth teaches us to care enough to resist.



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7-Day Queer Spirituality Retreat

HWIP’s 7-Day Online Queer Spirituality Retreat is an opportunity to subversively queer your spirituality, and for the LGBTQ+ community to celebrate our spirituality without having to translate it through the lens of heteronormativity. Open to everyone, the Queer Spirituality Retreat features seven different queer women of color: Pauli Murray, Frida Kahlo, Perpetua and Felicity, the Shulamite, Marsha P Johnson, Guanyin, and Gloria Anzaldúa. Each retreat day takes about 20 minutes and includes an inspirational quote, an icon image, a reflective essay, a guided writing exercise, a ritual exercise, and a closing blessing. The only necessary supplies are an internet connection, and on some days, pen and paper (markers or journal if you so choose). If you miss a day, you can always go back and revisit the missed material, so you can participate in the retreat based on your schedule. Register, reflect, and celebrate Queer Spirituality!



Mindfulness Retreat

Begin the new year with mindfulness. Drawing inspiration from 7 goddesses across wisdom and cultural traditions, this 7-Day Online Mindfulness Retreat helps restart your mind, body, and heart for the upcoming year. 


Advent Reflections

The wintry season of Advent can be challenging as the nights grow longer and you search for light amidst the chaos of the holidays. Advent Daily Reflections: Bearing the Light invites you to pause for a few moments each day to ponder the ways different holy women bore the light in our world. 


Advent Worship Series

With over fourteen years designing worship as a pastor, five years of teaching Introduction to Worship as a professor, publishing numerous books on worship and ritual, and a lifetime as an artist, our Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber, has designed a worship series and set of daily reflections for the season of Advent. 

 Based upon the theme, Bearing the Light, Dr. Yarber offers four liturgies and “worship scripts” for the season of Advent. 


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Grief Retreat

Women in Scripture Retreat

Interfaith Retreat

Goddesses Retreat