Telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, retreats, and special events.

The Holy Women Icons Project is a non-profit eco-retreat center in Hawai’i, and our mission is to resource, restore and celebrate holy, revolutionary women throughout history -- including and especially women like you who are tending and shaping our world today.

The wider world is not designed to support your work -- and often, erases our very existences. It’s exhausting to do our justice work in the world while also navigating oppressive structures.

That’s why our mission is “create, sustain, empower.” We are here to:

  • Commemorate our shared lineage of revolutionary holy women

  • Celebrate holy women in art and iconography

  • Witness, resource, and replenish contemporary holy women like you as you do your work in the world through the lens of justice (we work with artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers, clergy, social workers, coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, creatives, and more!)

  • Facilitate your creative self-expression and revolutionary work in the world

  • Support you in tending your spirit and body with lavish self care so that you and your work survive and thrive

The Holy Women Icons Project was founded by Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber and is administered by Dr. Elizabeth Lee. Both of us have academic backgrounds considering The Big Questions -- you know: What’s the meaning of life? and How do we achieve justice and human flourishing? -- AND we do that work in an integrated way, through spiritual practice, embodiment exercises, and ritual. All of our work as queer women and leaders is informed by our intersectional feminist beliefs and our eco-feminist commitments.


Hi! I’m Angela. I have a Ph.D. in Art and Religion; am a multi-media artist (painting, writing, dance); and am the author of seven books that address the intersections among gender/sexuality, religion/spirituality, and the arts. As an ordained, queer clergywoman, I served local churches for fourteen years and  taught graduate and undergraduate students since 2006.


Hi! I’m Elizabeth. I hold a Ph.D. in Ethics and Social Theory and have taught ethics, philosophy, and religion.

Together, and as an organization, we create art, offer group and individual retreats, as well as online courses, to elevate, celebrate and fortify the radical holy women tending and shaping our world.

Women like you.

We’re here to help keep you going.

Are you in?