Coming August 1...Online Self-Care Retreat

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.  -Audre Lorde

In order to be kind, giving, and good, we are often taught that we simply must put the needs of others before our own. For women, this is traditionally understood as a moral imperative. For activists and caregivers, focusing on the needs of others is simply what you do. While nurturing and standing up for the rights of the marginalized is vitally important in the work of social justice, so too, is the need to pause and care for yourself.

A Self-Care Retreat is the opportunity to do just this. To pause. Relish. Learn. Linger. Grow. And care. Because you deserve to be cared for.

Drawing from the lives, legends, and legacies of seven revolutionary women, you will receive a 20 minute daily online retreat for seven days. Each day includes an image of an icon depicting the woman featured, a brief essay describing her life, questions for contemplation, a guided writing exercise, inspirational quote, ritual exercise, and an action step. The only supplies you need are an internet connection, paper, and pen (though you can use markers or colored pencils if you wish). While 20 minutes is the intended amount of time, some exercises provide opportunities to linger longer if you choose. Since this retreat focuses on self-care, Action Steps are not oriented at doing justice for others, but for yourself.

In the 7-Day Self-Care Retreat, Lilith teaches us to care enough to leave; Pauli Murray teaches us to care enough to hope; Isadora Duncan teaches us to care for our body; Frida Kahlo teaches us to care for our reality; Virginia Woolf teaches us to care for our space; Anna Julia Cooper teaches us to care for our voice; and Sojourner Truth teaches us to care enough to resist.