Hardware Store Heteronormativity

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Hello there HWIP friends and supporters! Want to help us build an office AND smash the patriarchy? You're in luck!

Our Administrative Director, Elizabeth, is currently building (solo!) a small structure that will function as an office and a classroom for our Revolutionary Girls program. She keeps getting questioned by men at the hardware store with, "Where's your husband?" Or "Are YOU doing this project? YOU?" Or "That's a lot for you to load. Next time tell your husband to help you!"

We've been keeping a tally of these incidents and jokingly mentioned creating a pledge drive around it. Well, some of our followers informally committed, so we thought we'd make it official! Below you can pledge any dollar amount ($1, $5, $10, $25, $1,000,000) per heteronormative hardware incident, and we'll contact you when the building is complete with the total.

Two notes:

1. The form below informally commits you. It does not ask for credit card information

2. We do not intend for this to be a mean-spirited making fun of the men in the hardware store. Their comments and questions are merely the symptoms of a culture that draws rigid lines around gender roles and expressions. At HWIP, we seek to challenge and dismantle these attitudes from a place of empathy and respect.


Yes, I'd like to pledge to help end hardware store heteronormativity!

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Please let us know how much you would like to pledge per hardware store incident, or if you would prefer to make a donation of a set amount.
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