Rainbow Family Searches for a Literary Agent

Since nearly two years of full-time travel led us to turn the Holy Women Icons Project into a non-profit and retreat center on Hawai'i Island, we think it's important to share the story of how it came to be! So, our Executive Director, Angela, is writing a book about it! We've just begun the process of querying literary agents. Check out the summary for "Rainbow Family Travels." Full proposal and sample chapters available upon request.

Rainbow Family Travels:

Two Moms, One Toddler, and Life on the Road

By: Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber

Leaving religion behind, a queer clergywoman discovers grace on the road as she hitches her hopes to a camper, creates a life of adventure with her wife and child, and searches for meaning across the American landscape.


With an enormous green canoe strapped overhead, a camper hitched to the rear, and a babbling toddler in the backseat, we pulled away from our historic home and the life we had carefully created in academia and the local church. This is a story about queering parenting, losing religion, and subverting the American dream. Our adventure began the day the Supreme Court ruled our marriage legal and ended the moment my little brother’s addiction spiraled into a deadly overdose. Always hoping to “live differently,” my wife and I quit our jobs as professor and pastor, sold our home, and followed the beckoning. The beckoning, in turns out, was a camper named Freya and nearly two years of full-time travel. A summer without running water in Vermont evolved into a fall fending off homophobia in Southern Virginia, and during a winter cross-country road trip, “mansplanations” were the rule of the road. After barely avoiding dengue fever in the jungles of Hawai’i, we returned to our camper and slowly trucked through National Parks, the car smoking through the Togwotee Pass as we found ourselves stranded in grizzly country. Returning to make Hawai’i Island home, we partnered with the television show Tiny House Nation to build our little abode, our beloved camper replaced by a pillar-and-post foundation. From Vermont to Hawai’i, we parented and potty-trained, preached and professed, discovering grace and meaning in the unlikeliest of places. Family, vocation, grief, and the beauty of the American landscape bear witness to the wanderings of Rainbow Family Travels.