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Telling the stories of revolutionary holy women through art, writing, and special events.

"Where are all the women?"

The Holy Women Icons Project began in 2009 with this question. Confronted with a virtually all male sainthood in nearly every religious tradition, our founder and Executive Director, Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber furiously began painting women, giving traditional iconography a folk-feminist twist. By researching the lives of revolutionary women from history, myth, and scripture, Rev. Dr. Yarber captures the essence of each woman’s life, the poetic “cry of her heart,” in her icons. Stemming from a host of cultures, religious traditions, and historical periods, these Holy Women Icons lift up the often overlooked and untold lives, legends, and legacies of inspirational women.

As an intersectionally ecofeminist organization, the Holy Women Icons Project seeks to empower marginalized women and to be an accomplice in the work for justice for ethnic and racial minorities, women, LGBTQs, people with differing abilities, immigrants and refugees, the poor, animals, the earth, and all living at the margins of society. 

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Looking for unique and revolutionary gifts? View our gallery to catch a glimpse at the lives of holy women who have stood for justice, danced for freedom, and upset the status quo with revolutionary acts of peace, creativity, and brilliance.

What is intersectional ecofeminism, anyway? Learn more about the history, philosophy, and future of the Holy Women Icons Project.

We offer a variety of intersectional, justice-oriented events. Learn more about our retreats, workshops, and sermon series. Follow us as we build our small retreat center on the Big Island of Hawai'i!

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