Get the radical rejuvenation + spiritual sustenance

you need to do your work in the world.

Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber will curate a personal retreat to help you creatively nurture your soul, critically examine the power structures that are holding you (and others) down, and invite you to experience wonder at the world around you…in ways that work for you.

With beautiful and simple lodging only 4 blocks from the ocean, you’re sure to be inspired and restored. Don’t worry about breakfast and dinner because we have you covered with delicious, healthy, simple, plant-based meals. Turn inward, reflect, rest, and examine the social structures holding you back from being your best self. Combine intentional listening, yoga, guided painting, and spiritual direction with the breathtaking beauty of Hawai’i, and you’ll leave refilled, refreshed, and empowered to continue your work in the world!

Personal Retreat Packages

3-Day Personal Retreat: $2,500

5-Day Personal Retreat: $4,000

7-Day Personal Retreat: $5,500

* Not everyone can afford these retreats. As an intersectional feminist organization, we take financial privilege and wealth disparity seriously. If you CAN afford these retreats, we ask that you pay the full price so that we can continue to operate. If the prices are beyond your reach, just send us an email and we can discuss alternative forms of exchange.

All packages include:

  • Lodging in HWIP’s tiny off-grid guest house*

  • Simple, delicious, plant-based breakfast and dinner

  • Daily spiritual direction with Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber

  • Daily yoga session or stretch meditation with Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber

  • Daily holy woman icon guided painting session with Rev. Dr. Angela Yarber

  • Planned daily excursion itinerary (self-guided once you leave the property)

  • Guided journaling and meditation assignments

  • Consultation prior to retreat to plan a retreat specifically for YOU

Interested? Contact Angela directly at to begin curating the personal retreat your soul desires!

Want to stay in our guest house, but you’re not interested in a full retreat? No problem! Just click here to reserve a traditional rental.

*What is an off-grid guest house?

This 200 s/f guest house is not tied to the grid. Water for showers come from rain catchment and power comes from solar panels. The guest house is equipped with a luxury full-size memory foam bed, an outdoor hot shower on the guest house’s secluded lanai (porch) and a composting toilet on the guest house’s secluded lanai. The composting toilet is emptied and cleaned between each guest, so you would be the only person using it during your retreat. Drinking water is provided, as is a cooler for snacks or medication. There is an outlet only to passively charge cell phones, tablets, or laptops during the day (hair dryers, electric razors, tea kettles, or any other item that plugs into an outlet is not permitted as it would damage the solar inverter). The guest house is connected to Angela’s art studio, but it has a separate entrance. It does have WiFi and an overhead fan, but no air conditioning.

It is four blocks from Maku’u Point, a stunning vista and tidepools where the Pacific meets dried lava cliffs. Surrounding the guest house are a tangerine, mango, breadfruit, and banyan tree.  

“Movement, stretching, wisdom, teaching, spirituality, and discussion. I’ve never attended a retreat that engaged so much of myself—mind, heart, soul, and body—in such thoughtful and critical ways.” -Maria, Berkeley, CA

“What makes the Holy Women Icons Project so powerful is that it engages so many senses. The vibrant colors of the art and the stories of the women inspire and remind you to work for justice. And hearing Dr. Yarber speak about them is inspiring, engaging, and even prophetic. She is a truly gifted speaker.” -Lauren, Boone, NC

“Inspiring and empowering are the two words that come to mind after doing a retreat with Angela. In one event, I turned inward to examine myself, got recharged with self-care, and examined unjust power structures. Painting, journaling, thinking, listening, and reflecting with her gives me the energy to keep going in my personal and professional life.” -Arie, San Francisco, CA